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Full overview of your fleet in a single platform

Connect all your data in one place: vehicles, drivers, damages, invoices, fuel cards, and much more. Say goodbye to tiresome paperwork and outdated softwares

Fuel cards integration

We make fuel management easy with our integrations. No more chasing drivers - mileage data and automated costs allocation are guaranteed


Automated tasks management

From vehicles inspections to contract renewals, our cloud-based application reminds you automatically with any type of tasks

Set the rules and manage smart assignments

Whether you assign a vehicle, driver or card, we believe it's important to have a leaner and faster process while keeping full control on all assignments history


Mileages control in real-time

Flottando provides up-to-date mileage data automatically without the need to spend time on contacting drivers, checking invoices and executing data entry

Automatic read-out of any type of document using Flottando AI

We're against manual data-entry. We want you to use your time on what's really important. Our technology does the work for you. Data invoices, fines, and more. Save time, avoid errors


Multi-currency analysis

Enjoy your fleet cost analysis leveraging real-time rates in multiple currencies

Strategy and execution

Fleet analytics at your fingertips

Flottando smart reports put your entire fleet management in your hands, with full fleet visibility into every euro you're spending on your fleet

TCO analysis

Flottando assigned every single item cost to the correct vehicles allowing you to have a full overview of each vehicle cost by total, category and time


Fuel consumption monitor

We identify automatically outliers of your fuel consumptions empowering you to act immediately to optimise cost and making efficient future plans for your fleet


Mileage management

Mileage data are captured automatically. Our smart reports provide you current and expected mileage for each vehicles contract


Stay ahead with flottando' smart reports

Discover our reports with a demo

About flottando

We unlock fleet owners' potential with the latest technology

We provide smart-technology solutions to fleet management problems

From local to global fleet management

We act local and global. With flottando, fleet owners can do the same with their vehicles and drivers. Contact sales to check-out how you can organize your local, national or global fleet


News and Media

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Interested in joining our team?

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We are flottando

Born in the cloud and backed by the latest technologies, flottando was founded with a single mission: to unlock the potential of every fleet owner with a single, modern, and scalable platform. Our groundbreaking data-driven application has been designed for maximum flexibility, convenience, and profit


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Common questions

What is flottando?

Flottando is a cloud-based solution for all fleet shapes and sizes. Our mission is to unlock the potential of fleet owners empowering them to act more on strategic fleet-related activities by optimizing all operational tasks. Our easy-to-use software lets you set rules that work for you and track all your fleet spending allowing you to take valuable strategic actions.

What business does flottando work for?

Flottando is designed for fleet owned companies that are based in Europe. Our customers have small and large fleets. There is no minimum or a maximum number of vehicles that you can manage in flottando.

What type of reporting will I receive?

Flottando provides cost-level details through our dashboards and reports, allowing you to track purchases by driver and vehicle easily. Furthermore, we offer other reports which help you save time and achieve maximum efficiency. Do you want to design your own report? No problem, request a demo and check out our flexible reporting.

Is my data safe in flottando?

We take data seriously at Flottando and ensure our system is always up to date with the latest security practices. Your data and files are transmitted using SSL encryption both to and from a web browser (the same as online banks).

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